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The Wonderful (if Ever-Changing) World of Electronic Cigarettes

Hey there folks. Glad you stumbled upon my little page. In an effort to help people understand a little bit about the expanding options available to vapers, I decided to write up a brief essay on my thoughts about some of what’s out there in the e-cig and vaping field these days as ecassoc.org sees it.

Oh, did I say “expanding options?” I think I should have said “mind-blowing options,” because every time I turn around, I cannot believe what I am seeing. One day there are – oh – a handful of “players” (like the companies V2, Green Smoke, Blu, South Beach, Bull Smoke – you know, all the ones you’ve heard of). Then, the next day there’s people from Ireland selling these butane-operated vaporizers to put tobacco in (not to nay-say that – but I switched over to e-cigs to get AWAY from actual tobacco, and I am not going back).

And I’m not new to vaping, so I’m still finding myself surprised to discover that there’s something I hadn’t seen or heard of yet. I’ve been vaping for 3+ years now, and even though I used to just head out and buy a disposable here and again (this was before I quit smoking switched entirely to e-cigs), I’ve become what I would say “somewhat knowledgeable” about these things.

But then, I was visiting a vaping store in the area (again, something you would not find in your friendly neighborhood strip mall just a few short years ago) to get some juice and saw some pretty insane looking stuff. For crying out loud, I felt like I was at a bar. “Mixology” edition of some e-juices in some of the craziest, fanciest containers I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it was like you were attending a wine-tasting, and then choosing which flavors you were going to buy as a gift for whoever.

I began to think, man, this is going overboard! But, then again, I figure – why the hell not?

It’s obviously huge business, and why not create more products around it? Of course, there are some companies that appear to be sticking with the basics – blu comes to mind (but then, they are extremely active in helping protect the rights of individuals to vape in public places, something that a lot of cities are trying to stop).

Then, there are what I call the “mom and pop” vaping companies like I read about at http://www.fryeart.org/technology/smart-smoke-review/ - and by the way, I think I have figured out how this small company (Smart Smoke) has been able to pull it off. They have a cute gimmick in their packaging. “Child proof” types of plastic bottles. Brilliant! Because that speaks to one of the issues that the uninformed people with axes to grind … well… anyway, what some people who dislike vaping continue to say – “Oh, THEY are marketing to CHILDREN!” uh huh. And maybe makers of bubble gum are really trying to get the kids ready for chewing tobacco. (This particular WebMd article puts a bit of this in perspective as it sheds some light on how some studies are beginning to show that strict regulation of the e-cig products isn’t warranted – read it here: http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20140730/benefits-of-e-cigarettes-may-outweigh-harms-study-finds)

But, at any rate this cool packaging that Smart Smoke came up with is still pretty ingenious.

Then, there are others that have been around for a while, but you don’t always hear about them, like Innokin electronic cigarettes (which are made in a facility in China, but there’s a US based office in California). Now you might not read a whole lot of info about them on line, but they distribute to vape shops. And, they make some pretty cool mods.

And, there is something kind of fun to go into an actual vape shop and look at everything. It’s 

kind of neat to be around others who share your interests (as well as you

r habits, I guess!), and that is an experience you just can’t entirely from logging into an e-cig or vaping forum.

So, as I sit here in my “writing and vaping session” (which, by the way is a lot cleaner than when I used to write and smoke with an ashtray full of stinky old cigarette butts), I guess that as much as I’m a little overwhelmed at how fast the electronic industry is evolving and changing, it’s also entertaining and interesting at the same time. I cannot help but wonder if this means the end of tobacco smoking as we know it. Wouldn’t bother me one bit.